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We boost your revenue and profits by optimising your email lists. We are focused experts, working across all industries. We know how to monetise email lists.
And we help you transform your industry expertise into content your clients actually want to read.

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Why Email?

  • Email beats all other social media marketing tools by a huge factor when it comes to return on investment (check this study…). A dollar invested into email has a 44 times return. Your email list is the most valuable asset of your company. Own it, control it, maintain it.

  • Email is still the number one communication tool used by 99% of all businesses. This will not change anytime soon. In fact, Email comes with the highest trust factor in the business context, unrivaled by any social media channel, even LinkedIn.
  • With email, you decide when to send what to whom – and you can see whether it arrived, was opened, and read. For free. No social media channel can control or charge you for building a trusted relationship with your clients on email.

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Learn how a well thought out email strategy can become a self fuelled growth engine for your business.

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