We make your marketing simple

If you are a Scaling Up, Gravitas, or EOS business coach, we have developed a unique marketing framework for you that will turn this dismal science into a, well, science. Our tried and tested framework consists of email, LinkedIn, and a neat integration between these two. This makes it a highly effective strategy for you as a business coach.

We boost your brand and increase your footprint in the market by optimising your LinkedIn profile and engaging your leads through email. As a result, your marketing will become an asset to your business, fuelled by your industry expertise.

Helping you impact more business owners is what drives us!

Why Email?

  • Email beats all other social media marketing tools by a huge factor when it comes to return on investment. A dollar invested into email has a 44 times return. Your email list is the most valuable asset of your company. Own it, control it, maintain it.

  • Email is still the number one communication tool used by 99% of all businesses. This will not change anytime soon. In fact, Email comes with the highest trust factor in the business context, unrivaled by any social media channel, even LinkedIn.
  • With email, you decide when to send what to whom – and you can see whether it arrived, was opened, and read. For free. No social media channel can control or charge you for building a trusted relationship with your clients on email.

Why LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn beats all other social media marketing tools when it comes to engagement. Just think about posting content on your blog versus LinkedIn. Where are you able to see who visited your content? And where can you get back to people? Exactly, LinkedIn allows you to build meaningful relationships while your blog is just looking good.

  • LinkedIn has become the #1 tool for business development – if done correctly. LinkedIn today boasts more than 700 million professionals. We still see too many business coaches treat their LinkedIn profile as if they were seeking a job with a company. Instead, they need to be presenting their services and benefits.
  • With LinkedIn you get to create enough touch points with your ideal clients so that they can buy when they are ready. All you have to do is continuously engage, nurture, and wait. Integrate these touch points with email and you will 10X the number of touch points over time.

So What Next?

We would love to help you optimise your marketing strategy.
We offer the following packages:

     DIAMOND  We run your marketing for you based on our best practice experiences with other business coaches

     SAPPHIRE  We consult and advise with your current marketing team on a continuous basis 

     EMERALD  We give a once-off assessment of your marketing that informs your marketing team


Contact us to schedule a 30 minute assessment of your LinkedIn profile or to find out more about what we can do for you.

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